I used to be accused of being contrary when I was little, the local pronunciation being “con-TRER-re.”  Shouldn’t we all be contrary for Christ?  What would happen if being Catholic was seen as something so counter-cultural, people would make a bee line to the baptistry to get a piece of the action?  I’m not saying we should be contrary for contrary’s sake.  Love should be the impetus.  Infatuated love.  Thirteen year old pimply faced passing love notes in the school hallway love for Jesus.  Because He deserves that of us.

What if we just took that seriously?

It would change the world, again; a world desperately in need of changing.  What if a lot of people who were that in love with Jesus stopped pursuing the shiny American Dream and began, once again, building their lives around the love that saved us.  What if they spent more time with their families than they did at work, and shrugged off the difference in paycheck.  What if they actually made time to pray.  Every day.  Not distracted, gotta get done and get outta here prayer, but contemplative prayer.

Contrary.  I’m for that.


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