off the record

Want to know something that torques my jaw?  Catholic Culture buys Catholic World News.  To improve it.  To save it.  To maximize economies of scale.  Whatever.  In the process, Catholic Culture kills CWN.  Literally.  Nails the coffin shut but won’t even give it a Catholic burial.  Proof?  When is the last time Diogenes posted an “Off the record” comment?  Sometime middle of last month?  Uncle Di’s posts were the life blood of CWN, and now that CWN is gone and Uncle Di is languishing on some Patmos, chained to the other salt miners and with one eye put out, we’re left out here on the mainland to go it alone.

Hey Catholic Culture, burn it or bury it, but don’t pretend it is still alive  in any recognizable form.  I’m not against a resurrection though.



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