A man is either Catholic, or he isn’t.  I’m speaking of those who claim to be Catholic, of course.

In saying this, I’m not being divisive, I’m simply pointing out the obvious.  This is how the Catholic Church presents it. One either aligns himself or falls out of line.  That isn’t to say that a person outside the Church for whatever reason cannot be saved.  God, and not man, reads the heart.  But to say that you’re a liberal Catholic or a conservative Catholic (or a libertarian Catholic?) or a traditional Catholic or a cultural Catholic is not only silly, it is untrue.

You are either Catholic, period, or you aren’t.  It isn’t a political affiliation.  It isn’t a philosophy or a world view.  You’re either a member of the Body of Christ, or you aren’t.  If you’re on the fence, please get your head straight and, as the First Sergeant says, “fall in!”

I’m not going to tell anyone to “get out.”  That isn’t my place.


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